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The small town of Wieck on the Darß is the ideal starting point for beautiful excursions in nature or in the nearby old Hanseatic cities of Rostock or Stralsund. You can start many sports activities directly from the property. But you can also simply enjoy the garden or sit on the terrace in the shade. The possibilities are endless. There will be something for everyone.


For cyclists, the surroundings of the Darßer National Park are simply fantastic. You can drive to the west beach for swimming or the lighthouse Darßer Ort, or to the cities Ahrenshoop, Prerow and Born. Circle the Bodden. The network of bike paths is very well developed and really extensive. Numerous tours are presented on the regional website


The western beach from Ahrenshoop to Prerow is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for us. Dunes, beach, waves and simply nature. You can reach the Weststrand by car in Ahrenshoop or Prerow and park in the public parking lots just a few metres from the beach. Alternatively, you can ride the bike directly through the forest to the west beach, which allows you to enjoy the surrounding nature and takes you approximately 4km.


The wild forest of Darß is part of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park, the largest nature Reserve on the shores of the German Baltic Sea. It is a natural forest that has been protected since 1990 and is no longer cultivated. There are more than 30 paths you can take through the forest either by foot or bike.

I was walking in the woods
Just in a whim of mine,
And seeking nothing,
That was my intention.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)


Wieck is located directly on the Bodstedter Bodden (bay). The Bodden is only a 300 metre walk from the front door and easily accessible. The upper bedroom allows for a fantastic view over the meadows to the water. A small swimming area with a sandy beach in the village invites you to swim and splash. With the canoe or boat you can explore the Bodden and the rather windy conditions offer an ideal surf and kite area. Several schools in the area offer courses for surfing or kiting. If you’d simply like to enjoy the region from the water, the Zeesenboot, a historical fishing boat typical for the region, can be booked from the port in Wieck for tours.


The climbing forest in the neighbouring village of Born offers fun for the whole family. After a safety briefing and a practice course, a lot of fun and adventure awaits both young and old. Drinks and food are available there as well.


The art museum (Kunstmuseum) in Ahrenshoop offers a comprehensive collection of local artists from the former artists’ colony as well as contemporary works. A changing exhibition complements the permanent one. The modern architecture of the museum has rightly received many awards.

The German Amber Museum in Ribnitz-Damgarten is always worth a visit. Here, the history of amber is presented. At the same time the exhibition shows outstanding works of amber, which are otherwise only to be seen in very large national collections.

There are many attractions to visit in the nearby Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Stralsund. In Rostock, in addition to the harbor, the city center, many churches worth seeing, there is also a zoo to be visited. In Stralsund, the Ozeaneum (ocean museum) awaits you next to the old town, which is definitely a highlight for adults and children alike.

In addition to the former artists’ colony Ahrenshoop, many galleries in the neighbouring towns present exhibitions and works of art. Here you can be curious and discover a lot.

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