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For over fifteen years we spend our summer vacation in the Darß region, which is the middle part of the peninsula of Fischland-Darß-Zingst. Every time it feels like coming home. On the narrow country road between the Baltic Sea and the Bodden (bay) we leave the everyday stress behind us and start our holiday at the Baltic Sea with a smile.

We would love for you to experience this feeling and the calming effect of the surroundings.

Enjoy the nature of the Darß region, for example by bike. There is lots to explore, namely the Darßer Urwald (jungle), the western beach from Ahrenshoop to Prerow, and the Boddenlandschaft (bay region). On cooler days, spend time indoors, cook in a modern kitchen that fulfils all wishes, enjoy the view in the garden or just read a good book. No matter what you enjoy doing, the Quartier-Wieck becomes the ideal starting point for a nice day. Start your holiday on the Baltic Sea right on the first day – in peace and surrounded by simply beautiful things. A bit away from the hustle and bustle in Ahrenshoop or Prerow.


Whether beauty, as the ancient Greeks believed, makes us better people, we do not know, but we are firmly convinced that beautiful architecture, design and art can make us happy. We would like to share this happiness with you.

After the Darß had become our second home, we have been looking for a property for a holiday home for some time. It was meant to be located in a quiet, beautiful environment. Since there are not only sunny days on the Baltic Sea, we wanted to make the house enjoyable on cooler days as well. Since our first trip to Japan over 25 years ago and many stays in Northern Europe, the aesthetics of Japan and Scandinavia have become important to us. We love the beauty of simple things and the simplicity of beautiful things. We find this reduction to the essentials in the Scandinavian countries as well as in Japan. We were tempted by the creative possibilities of both cultural areas: shadow, light, imperfect beauty with the courage to simplicity and irregularities.

We found a fantastic property in the old part of the quiet village Wieck – the apple orchard of a beautiful, old captain’s house, which has meanwhile been lovingly restored by our neighbours. We saw the opportunity for something new to emerge here. Our modern holiday home is surrounded by traditional thatched roof surroundings and allows for a view over meadows to the water of the Bodden. Since we desired a lot of natural light in the house, the starting point for our design was a large skylight, large windows to the east and west in the central room with the kitchen and the dining area. Even on rainy or windy days, you can enjoy the interplay of nature.

Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee
Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee

Why not transfer the shadow’s movements to the outside: a black facade that allows for the play of moving shadows through the arrangement of boards? Yakisugi or Shou Sugi Ban are traditional Japanese methods using fire to work the wood surface of a facade. It creates black surfaces with a very nice look. However, the wooden boards stain strongly. Since we did not want any additional treatment with plastics, we decided against this procedure. Instead we used a black colour on sawn wood, creating a similar effect. This leads to exciting light and shadow effects on the black facade.

This characteristic surface fits well with the floor made of limestone, the roof made of copper and the hot-rolled steel kitchen worktop.

Together with our architect Mr. Möhring from Berlin, the design for our holiday home emerged: two elegant, stylish and quiet hideaways: the Quartier-Wieck with the two houses WIECK9 and WIECK11, where the rear of the two houses was currently being realized.


House WIECK9 is located in the rear part of the Quartier-Wieck ensemble. On the ground floor there is the central kitchen / dining area with gallery and bright skylight and an open kitchen consisting of a kitchenette and the kitchen block with a work surface made of cold-rolled stainless steel. The dining table for 6 people was made for us by a carpenter friend. On both sides there are generous window fronts and sliding doors, which on one side lead to a large terrace with wonderful evening sun in the garden, on the other side to the smaller east terrace.

On the ground floor of the houses there is also a sauna, a bathroom, the living room with TV and a spacious bedroom. On the upper floor of the houses there are two further bedrooms, a bathroom and a gallery with a small library and reading / play area. Both houses have two marked parking spaces on the property and the option of storing your own bikes. The furnishing of both houses is high quality and luxurious and essentially only differs in the design and the works of art. We have tried to design each house individually and with a lot of joy we have set different focuses.


The WIECK11 house is located in the front part of the Quartier-Wieck ensemble. The floor plans are identical to the rear house, only the front wooden terrace is a little smaller. The furnishings in both houses are essentially the same. The WIECK11, however, has a kitchen with a black front and a few other accents – occasionally black ceiling lights, the natural stone floor shell limestone “Smoke” and a free-standing bathtub on the upper floor. With the kitchen field from BORA PURE and the latest induction technology, cooking becomes a real pleasure. All kitchen appliances have excellent energy efficiency with the lowest possible energy consumption.

ground floor

first floor


Beauty begins on a small scale. That’s why we put special emphasis on the details. With few, but selected materials we wanted to design our house: limestone, oak, steel, the black wooden facade, the copper roof, and the play of shade and sunlight. In order to capture the light of the north and to make the change of seasons to be experienced inside as well, large glass surfaces and the glass skylights have been created in the central area of our holiday home. Small natural leaps in the material of natural stone, wood and metal allow fascinating, always exciting reflections of the light. The light breaks on the black facade and casts shadows in the joints of the boards. The copper roof will oxidize over time and change slowly. At any time of the day or season you can discover something new.

Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee Ausstattung
Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee Ausstattung
Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee Ausstattung
Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee Ausstattung

In the morning, the day starts with breakfast in the sunshine on the east terrace and after a day at the beach you can enjoy the evening sun on the west terrace. On dull days or in the rain, just stay under the eaves or in the kitchen – it will always stay light and dry. Warm yourself by the fireplace in the living room and enjoy the view of the fire from the dining table. Or you can go to our sauna and enjoy the peace, warmth and relaxation of a sauna experience.

Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee Ausstattung
Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee Ausstattung
Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee Ausstattung
Quartier Wieck Ferienhaus Darss Ostsee Ausstattung

The living room is designed as a place of retreat. A little less light, but the warm color of the oak wood. You should find peace here: reading, listening to music, playing games or watching TV. The modern televisions are combined with a sound system. You can listen to your own music on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, or you can stream it via your streaming service.

The QUARTIER-WIECK was awarded with the highest classification of 5 stars of the German Tourism Association DTV.
This award means a first-class complete equipment with exclusive offer in excellent quality with a very well-kept, extraordinary overall impression.

Occupancy: up to 6 people
Size: approx. 178,0 m² · Rooms: 5 · of which Bedrooms: 3
No smoking. No pets

On the ground floor:

spacious kitchen with kitchen block and a gallery with skylight and two large window fronts
Living room with cozy seating area by the stove, Modern HD television
Bathroom with Raindance shower and toilet
1 bedroom overlooking the garden
State-of-the-art shower
Utility room and entrance area with generous wardrobe


two bedrooms each with a double bed (180 cm),
reading chair, Wardrobes
Bathroom with bath, Raindance shower, toilet and sauna


Underfloor heating in combination with controlled ventilation in the living area


Bora Surface induction hobs with integrated extractor, Miele oven and steamer, Miele dishwasher, Miele
Fridge-freezer, toaster, coffee maker, kettle, blender, comfortable equipment
Technic: WLAN, Internet TV & radio, Cambridge one HiFi with B & W sound system, music streaming via Bluetooth, modern HD TV with internet streaming, DAB radio, Miele washing machine and dryer, hair dryer


2 large terrace, high quality garden furniture, barbecue, 2 parking spaces on the approximately 1250sqm plot

Additional services on request per person or individual service:

Sauna towel: 8€
Bathrobe: 8€
Sauna package (consisting of bathrobe, sauna towel, infusion): 15€
Firewood: 8€
High chair for kids: 8€
Cot: 8€
Final cleaning: 180€
Bed linen per person: 8€
Towels: 8€


Arrival by bus and train to the Wieck district:

Train to Ribnitz-Damgarten-West (IC-stop), bus to Wieck-West (Bäderstraße) or Wieck-Ost (Prerower Straße)

Arrival by car to Quartier Wieck:

Motorway A 19, exit at exit 6, Rostock-Ost, continue on the B 105 direction Ribnitz-Damgarten, Stralsund, branch Altheide direction Fischland-Darß-Prerow, in Wieck, just before leaving the town turn right into Prerower Straße, follow until the end and then turn right into Hauptstraße and directly left onto the Bliesenrader Weg, destination reached after 200 meters.
GPS: 18375 Wieck am Darß, Bliesenrader Weg 9

Arriving by plane to the Wieck district:

Airport Rostock-Laage (RLG) and then with the shuttle service to Wieck

Quartier Wieck
Sylvia und Peter Stein
Bliesenrader Weg 9
18375 Wieck a. Darß

Mobile: 0049 (0) 171 99 74 187


Quartier Wieck
Sylvia und Peter Stein
Bliesenrader Weg 9
18375 Wieck a. Darß

Mobile: 0049 (0) 171 99 74 187


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